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English edition – Spring 2018

Translations of a few texts from previous issues. In this issue: Down with the state, down with authorities Space travel Against the IT-giants and their world The place for love in the rebellious life The price for gratitude Considerations in regards to the capricious nature of the state Justice Read on the screen: English edition […]

Nr. 1, 2. årg. – 8. januar 2018

I dette nummer: Rumrejsen Angreb på undertrykkelsens netværk Et hop ned i den varme grød Repression efter Göteborg Malmø: Aktioner mod gentrificering Tag gaden tilbage, eller… Boganmeldelse: Den naturlige kamp Byens eventuelle opløsning Kort nyt, repression, bogtips, quiz… PDF: Orkanen nr. 1, 2. årg.