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New English edition – Spring 2019

Translations of a few texts from previous issues.


In this issue:

  • Hearts of night
    • About the falseness & absense of darkness in society and life.
  • An attack on identity politics
    • Self-expl.
  • Snitch
    • Self-expl.
  • Black Horizons
    • A pace towards the unknown future of anarchy.
  • Insufficiency
    • A critical stand against incomprehension in insurrectionary text material.
  • What about the kids?
    • About the children as a tool for reactionaries to pacify and distract.
  • 1st of March in Copenhagen
    • On-site account of this year’s (2019) 1st of March.
  • Rebellion continued
    • Dealing with ageism and adulthood amidst the struggle of freedom


Read on the screen: English edition – Spring 2019

Print: English edition – Spring 2019 (print)